PINO GmbH, based in Hamburg, has become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of physiotherapy supplies. The company has a very long history, dating back to 1904. The products are primarily intended for professional users and are used by physiotherapists, spas and hotels in now 34 countries worldwide.


PINO offers an extensive range of high-quality, therapeutic products, training tools and fitness products that impress with excellent quality at an excellent price-performance ratio.


When we took over the Magento 1 Shops in 2016, neither we nor PINO knew where the journey would take us.

However, PINO recognized the opportunities and advantages of e-commerce at a very early stage and successively expanded this area.


The first step was to migrate the existing web store to the current Magento 2 version, choosing Magento Commerce Cloud as the technological basis for all PINO‘s e-commerce activities due to PINO‘s cloud-first strategy, which was specified at a very early stage.


Since fall 2019, various new features and approaches have been introduced to offer customers the best possible shopping experience. For example, there is now a VR product configurator with which therapy beds can be configured digitally but still as comprehensively as possible, viewed and, if required, ordered straight away.

Thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence with the help of Adobe Sensei, customer-specific product recommendations are now being made automatically, leading to an increase in the conversion rate of up to 30%.


Despite all its successes to date, PINO wants to continue to develop dynamically in the future and focus even more on the customer.


For this reason, the company decided at the end of 2020 to take the next step in the area of Customer Experience Manager by introducing Adobe Digital Foundation - a midmarket package consisting of Adobe Experience Manager, Analytics and Target, which in PINO‘s case will be supplemented by Adobe Campaign. This will enable PINO to deliver unique and, above all, personalized shopping experiences across all touchpoints. We are talking about next-level e-commerce here.

As a competent and innovative partner for professional customers, Hamburg-based PINO GmbH has established itself as the leading provider of products and treatment concepts in the field of physiotherapy in Germany.


Since 1904, the family-owned company has stood for convincing quality and respectful treatment of people and nature. The company‘s origins lie in the Black Forest, where high-quality health products and herbal medicines were initially developed for the European bath and spa sector using traditional essential oils.


Over the years, PINO GmbH has been able to add more and more therapeutic aids, devices and cosmetic products adapted to the current needs of professional users in the fields of physiotherapy, massage and balneotherapy to its comprehensive product range. When the Schwarzkopf family took over PINO GmbH, they started to develop the purely natural products of NATURAL SPA THERAPY with special attention to effectiveness and sensitivity.


Due to many years of experience and excellent expertise, PINO GmbH has become an expert for body treatments with a preventive health character at the highest level. More than 25,000 customers in Germany alone trust in PINO products, which are now available in 34 countries worldwide.

PINO GmbH approached us in the summer of 2016 because the former web shop based on Magento 1 was not stable and unperformant.


After an audit, we subsequently took over the optimization and further development. Due to PINO‘s growth and ambitious plans, a relaunch was planned in 2018, which included a switch to Magento 2. PINO was one of the first customers in German-speaking countries to opt for the cloud version of Magento.


As a result, in addition to various new country stores, a large number of new features were rolled out. Highlights include a headless VR product configurator and the use of artificial intelligence for product recommendations.


PINO is currently once again on the threshold of the next development stage, which focuses on the best possible shopping experience across all relevant touchpoints. To achieve this, PINO is relying on the Adobe Digital Foundation package for medium-sized businesses.
Project Durationsince 10/2019 - ongoing
  • Magento Commerc Cloud
  • Adobe Experience Manager*
  • Adobe Analytics*
  • Adobe Target*
  • Adobe Canpaign*
  • Komplette Cloud-Infrastruktur
  • Internationaler Unified Commerce Ansatz für B2B und B2C auf einer Plattform
  • Produktempfehlungen mit KI powered by Adobe Sensei
  • Komplexe Staffelpreislogiken
  • Adobe Campaign*
TechDivison Magento Module
  • TD | Grouped Products
  • TD | Enhanced Product Recommedations
ProjectmanagementProduct Owner
Development Team München
  • Reliable, technological basis for the years to come
  • Highest possible scalability and security
  • Extensive support for data- and content-driven e-commerce and marketing
  • Support of existing sales through state-of-the-art tools
  • The technology is designed to take the pressure off PINO so that it can focus primarily on its customers and business
  • Creation of a new unique shopping experience for B2C as well as B2B
  • Use of Magento Commerce Cloud as a foundation for unified commerce (B2C and B2B on one platform)
  • Implementation and integration of a comprehensive product configurator for therapy beds
  • Adding a headless VR product configurator that can be synchronized with Magento
  • Use of the AI technology Adobe Sensei for product recommendations
  • Successive expansion of the existing e-commerce platform by integrating Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign to enable unique shopping experiences across all relevant touchpoints in the future
  • Significant revenue growth with successive increase in online share of total revenue
  • High level of security and scalability with zero downtime thanks to the Magento / Adobe Cloud
  • Easy maintenance and updating of content through intuitive user interface
  • Extensive promotional opportunities through the marketing features available in Magento
  • High customer satisfaction through excellent performance and security
  • Individual addressability of private and professional customers with their specific needs via one platform (Unified Commerce)

PINO decided back in 2018 to adopt a cloud-first strategy, according to which a cloud approach is to be preferred for business-relevant applications with otherwise comparable performance.


PINO expected this to result in greater security, the best possible scalability and cost benefits. Now that Magento Commerce Cloud has been in use for around two and a half years, the strategic considerations have been confirmed in practice.


So far, there have been no notable failures and even with larger marketing campaigns, no performance losses have been recorded.

"All-round carefree package

Faster implementation

Hardly any commitment of internal IT capas

Tested components

Efficient infrastructure

No or lower licensing costs

Worldwide developer community

Extensive support

Open source code

Often lower TCO

Attractive TCO

Reliance on community

Worldwide server locations

Included support services

Advantages of PaaS and Open Source

Thanks to the powerful and enormously flexible software architecture, comprehensive and, above all, highly internationalizable commerce scenarios can be implemented very quickly via a central Magento instance. At PINO, this currently looks as follows.

PINO offers a wide range of different treatment tables, which can also be further customized and adapted to personal needs via a large number of parameters. In total, there are around 1 million variants that can be selected via the integrated product configurator.

Trade shows are normally an important sales tool for PINO, which is particularly important for the sale of PINO treatment beds. However, comprehensive configuration options result in a product diversity of around 1 million variants, which cannot be reasonably represented at trade shows or via other channels. For this reason, a virtual reality couch configurator was developed as a headless application with which interested parties can configure their individual couch from all conceivable angles and, if they are interested, also order it directly.

Virtual Reality product configurator for treatment tables (view with VR glasses)

Product recommendations are an extremely powerful tool for cross-sells and upsells. Amazon, for example, achieves additional sales of around 35% via the well-known feature „Customers who bought this product also bought ....“ according to its own information. Adobe Sensei is a similarly powerful technology available to all Magento Commerce customers free of charge that uses artificial intelligence to automatically trigger product recommendations. In the case of PINO, this alone means an uplift of around 30% in conversions.

Picture: Shopping cart layer with automated product recommendations via Adobe

Picture: Automated product recommendations via Adobe Sensei on the product detail page

PINO is currently working on the next evolutionary stage of digital commerce. In addition to Magento Commerce, subsequent Adobe tools will be integrated in the future to ultimately enable a new form of online shopping experience for customers across all relevant touchpoints.

Bei Adobe Digital Foundation handelt es sich um ein leistungsfähiges und skalierbares Paket mit nachfolgenden Cloud-Tools, das insbesondere mittelständischen Kunden praxiserprobte Tools zur Bereitstellung einzigartiger, digitaler Einkaufserlebnisse zur Verfügung stellt, die bislang überwiegend Großunternehmen und Konzernen zugänglich waren:

  • Integrated Marketing and CMS Solution = Experience Platform
  • Leading CMS + Analytics + Optimization as a coordinated package
  • Cloud-first and low cost of ownership/TCO while providing maximum security and scalability
  • Fast time-to-market thanks to numerous templates, components and best practices
  • Modern time-saving authoring tools
  • Extensive automation options through customizable workflows
  • Integrated asset management (DAM)
  • Excellent analytics & optimization
  • Powerful internationalization features
  • Efficiency benefits through Artificial Intelligence
  • Extensive vendor support

With our consideration of Magento Commerce Cloud, we have made the absolutely right decision. The development so far on the one hand and the high stability and reliability on the other hand ensure that we can concentrate on the further development of our stores and real innovations such as the VR product configurator or the product recommendations using artificial intelligence. With the introduction of Adobe Digital Foundation, we will reach a new milestone within our e-commerce offering and thus be able to provide a completely new level of shopping experiences for B2B as well as B2C across all relevant touchpoints for our customers in the future.


Martin Mannowetz (E-Commerce Manager, PINO GmbH)

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