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An online project is only successful if it has been well planned, thought through, and analyzed. Our specialists will highlight the potential and possibilities for you, giving you practical advice from the early planning stages through implementation to results monitoring, and ultimately providing you with a tailor-made online solution.

We don't just scratch the surface when analyzing your business. We delve deep, looking at it from various angles. We identify problems and work out suitable solutions. On the way, we never lose sight of our objective – your web success.

Magento is an enormous and powerful software tools, have said this it also implies certain complexities and can only achieve its full performance potential if it is implemented in a correct way. Through comprehensive testing and evaluation of your existing Magento Shopsystem, we answer the question whether your shop system in its current status is state of the art.

Are you looking to enhance your web performance and optimize your website? Carrying out a comprehensive potential analysis, we help you take advantage of untapped opportunities, and to adapt to the fast-moving web. Start optimizing your website today. We are happy to carry out SEO, keyword, and usability potential analyses for you.

Attract visitors – gain customers – measure success

Following this philosophy, we carry out a holistic online marketing analysis to determine which steps make sense for your website and work out a schedule for implementing the concept together with you. Why come to us? Because we can offer you an all-round service from a single source.

Website analysis focuses on the user and tries to find out how intuitive your website is at the moment. Which functions and areas can be improved to make navigation easier for your visitors? What are the factors that reduce conversion rates, and how can they be eliminated? We will get to the bottom of this and other questions for you.

In software and product development, agile approaches are pretty much standard practice nowadays. They all have a common denominator, a common root; they are more or fewer implementations of the Agile Manifesto, which was published by a group of internationally renowned “gurus” in 2001. We are Agile Experts, and you can benefit from our in-depth expertise.

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We are happy to advise you on your online project and to develop an effective and individual online strategy.

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