"The first duty of writing for the web is to write to be found." (Jakob Nielsen)

Content is king. Using optimized and carefully prepared content, you won't only boost your website's or online shop's appeal, but will also impress your users long-term and leave a lasting impression. Stand out from your competitors by producing high-quality content, and make visiting your website a pleasant experience through dynamic and creative content.

We use the right wording, strong keywords, and focus on your target group to help you address your users both visually and emotionally. The content of a website is produced in several stages and finally, convinces both readers and search engines.

Writing copy for the Internet is also referred to as “hybrid” copywriting by experts. When producing content and coming up with a content strategy, we put ourselves in the user's shoes before anything else, with the main priority of making our online texts target group specific, understandable, eloquent, attractive, and above all “findable”.

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Josef WillkommerCMO