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TechDivision's Image Cache extension for Magento 2 improves the handling of the image cache. The cache for images can be selectively regenerated. The runtime of the cache generation can therefore be drastically reduced, because only required images are cached instead of recreating the complete memory, as the Magento standard does. This is a delta functionality to make images available faster and with better performance, for example through imports. Furthermore, the uploading of images can also be optimized to make the uploaded product image available in the shop faster.

The Image Cache Module is compatible with Magento Community & Commerce 2.3.x and 2.4.x.


With the module Image Cache a shop owner is able to provide images in general with a higher performance and faster. On the one hand, this shortens the loading time of catalogue and product detail pages, on the other hand, the image cache can be rebuilt specifically to accelerate product imports or image imports.


The delta functionality is available as a CLI command and can be executed manually or via CRON job setting. It is also possible to execute the functionality via Pacemaker Process Pipelines (by TechDivision). Furthermore, the image memory of an image uploaded via the admin backend can be directly and specifically invalidated.


DescriptionImage CacheMagento Standard
Regeneration of the image cache via CLI commandYesYes
Selective delta regeneration of the image cache via CLI commandYesNo
Delta regeneration of the image cache via CRON jobYesNo
Invalidating the image cache for image uploadYesNo
Pipeline Step Configuration (XML) for TechDivision PacemakerYesNo

In contrast to the Magento standard functionality, the module Image Cache offers a configurable and more efficient functionality to create images in the cache.

  • Images in cache (delta generation)
  • Faster runtime of product or image imports
  • Faster deployment of images to the shop front end
  • Configuration options for building up the image cache
  • Optimization during image upload in the admin backend
  • Pacemaker-Ready


No specific or defined images can be regenerated using the CLI command or the cron job. All required images are generated (delta). There is also no automatism which rebuilds the image cache after a change of the view.xml, which is responsible for the display of the different device sizes.

The Image Cache Module will of course be continuously developed and improved. In order for you to know exactly what happens next, the following are a few key features of the next steps:


  • Further optimization of performance
  • Third party compatibility.

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