When & Where?
The Magento Hackathon & Contribution Days Munich will take place from 09/29/17 until 10/01/17 at the COKREA in Munich.


You will work on new features, improvements for the Magento 2 core, e.g. together with Magento core members including Max Yekaterynenko, Director of Community Engineering Magento Inc. and the one and only Ben Marks, Magento Evangelist and World Traveler! ;-)

  • Create tests
  • Develop feature/improvement
  • Do cross reviews
  • Create PRs and check all tests
  • Merge PRs

Food & Drinks?

Healthy food, drinks, and snacks are included!


We´ll be participants of the world largest party - the Oktoberfest tasting the best beer in the world (also included!).


  • Working (Up and running) Magento 2 version with developing branch, forked and pulled from GitHub
  • Debugger and IDE are up to you, the team uses xdebug and PHPStorm
  • Active GitHub account with closed Magento 2 project
  • The desire to make a contribution!

Code of conduct

  • We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free Hackathon experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race or religion
  • Don't be an asshole, no matter about what.
  • We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form.

Thank you to our supporters at Firegento e.V. and Meet Magento Association for making this happen!

Our Location - COKREA Munich

The first Magento Hackathon was organized by Damian Luszczymak in 2010 in the German city of Herford. The group was very small at that time. There have been 9 developers and they met in the facilities of public high school Herford.

The primary goal was to have a developer meetup for exchanging ideas and get to know each other. After that weekend the participants had been very enthusiastic. They decided to repeat that kind of event, so meetings at Tossens at the German north sea coast and in the city of Essen took place in 2011. After that it was clear that we should do that on a regular basis and more public. The Magento Hackathons in and around Germany were born. Since 2013 the Firegento Association organizes and supports Magento Hackathons.

A team of leading Magento core architects has started a new form of worldwide community involvement that will facilitate contributions. Meet Magento Association and its worldwide network of events is the first platform ever to provide Magento 2 developers with a new way to interact with the Magento development team.

Director of Community Engineering Max Yekaterynenko and his team will provide Magento 2 technology deep dives. Contribution Day participants will receive advanced insight into Magento 2 diagnostics and work side by side with Magento core architects to contribute to the Magento 2 core. Boost your Magento skills and work directly with core developers on real features!

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