Code of Conduct

TechDivision and the employees of TechDivision hereby declare that they:

1. Take on social and ethical responsibility

  • Adhere in particular to the International Declaration of Human Rights
  • Do not participate in human rights violations
  • Comply with all applicable legal provisions prohibiting discrimination in hiring and employment based on ethnic origin, color, nationality, disability, physical condition, sexual orientation, health condition, political affiliation, gender, age, appearance or membership in associations, possible parenthood, or any other characteristic protected by law
  • Do not tolerate sexual harassment or other inappropriate treatment, such as psychological hardship or discrimination at the workplace
  • Promote the economic and social development of local communities

2. Conduct business fairly

  • Comply with the laws of the applicable jurisdiction
  • Neither accept nor encourage corruption, extortion, or bribery
  • Do not provide so-called facilitation payments to (government) officials of any country
  • Not engage in price fixing, bid rigging, or market sharing
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Respect the intellectual property rights of others

3. Adhere to fair labor practices

  • Do not tolerate any form of forced labor, i.e., not employ people against their will
  • Do not tolerate child labour (as defined by applicable laws)
  • Provide health and safety in the workplace in accordance with applicable legal and international standards
  • Are themselves trained in occupational health and safety and train their employees in such matters
  • Pay appropriate remuneration
  • Observe the maximum permissible working hours

4. Encourage sustainability and environmental protection

  • Act in accordance with applicable legal and international environmental standards
  • Operate an appropriate environmental management system
  • Strive for internal and external CO₂ neutrality.