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Are you hoping to do a well-founded apprenticeship in the IT sector? Do you want a job with a future and the best mentors? 

Yes to both? Then join us! We have a great apprenticeship waiting for you:

IT-specialist for application development 

From Zero to Hero

What can you expect from our IT team?

Since 2022, we have been training great apprentices in-house for sought-after, exciting, and diverse IT jobs. Whether older or younger, fresh out of school, first job experience, or career changers:

We'd like to get to know you.

We aren't concerned about your grade in math. We're more concerned that you'll fit in with the team and want you to be curious and enthusiastic about IT topics, as well as keen to take on responsibility. 

After all, you will be fully integrated right from the start.

You have a voice.

We let you help design your apprenticeship. This means contributing your ideas, wishes, and expectations. Doing so is essential for a good experience, and it enables you to gain professional expertise and at the same time learn how to address and implement your desired topics. 

After all, we also would like to learn something from you.

That's our daily business — perhaps soon with you?

We bring our clients to the forefront of the digital world. Among other things, we build modern online stores and make sure they look superb and work perfectly.

We also work on exciting new projects for first-class commerce platforms, individual new store systems or optimizing existing system architectures with smart coding.

Are you ready for us? 

Our team is ready and waiting for you …

We can tell you all we want, but you really should experience it for yourself. Here are a few more points to convince you to embark on your apprenticeship adventure with us. At least, we think so.

Working with us

  • In the middle of the modern, digital working world
  • Future-proof, creative, coding
  • Best IT training ever
  • Part of a crazy team
  • Flat hierarchies & bad jokes every day
  • Your IT passion becomes your profession
  • All-round part of the TD

Need more information?

Get this: all the information you need at a glance

What do IT-specialists for system integration actually do?

And what do they do at the TD?

Our system integration trainees are part of our internal IT department. More precisely, the Research and Development department. You will support your colleagues from the system integration department and will receive the necessary training from your mentor to enable you to take on your own assignments and projects. Once you have taken your first steps in the IT world independently, our DevOps engineers will take you on an exciting journey into the cloud. Together, we will create new infrastructures and optimize existing ones — while also having a lot of fun!

What does that actually mean?  

  • Client provisioning: You will use software developed by us to set up the new MacBooks for our new employees. You will ensure that they have as smooth a start with us as you did.
  • IT support: You will be involved in support right from the start and ensure that the TechDivision runs smoothly. We believe that you can learn the most by being hands-on. That's why you'll start working straight away, initially with the support of an experienced colleague. Your mentor will, of course, always be on hand if you need additional guidance in the future. 
  • Cloud infrastructures: Although the term “Cloud” reminds us of clouds, you won't be building any castles in the sky here, but rather developing stable infrastructures for high-performance applications.

IT-specialist for application development. Sounds boring?

Not at all: it's super exciting and innovative

Unlike system integration, apprentices in application development are not allocated to a permanent team right from the start, but instead are allowed to familiarize themselves within our various development teams.

You'll learn the most important fundamentals, such as PHP and Magento, right from the start. Perhaps even earlier than at professional school, but you will quickly have the opportunity to get directly involved in customer projects and work with the teams. We aim to get you involved in day-to-day business quickly as an apprentice, not just impart theoretical knowledge.

What does that actually mean?  

  • You will work intensively with classic web technologies such as PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML. Soon, you will be able to develop and expand web applications independently.
  • You will gain fascinating insights into how the internet operates, as well as the secrets of a successful website.
  • You'll get to learn agile methods and technical workflows to use in your day-to-day work.

Digital, exciting and with a fun factor

Our approach to apprenticeships at TechDivision

Would you like to put your new knowledge as an IT-specialist into practice right away? And become part of our team? That's perfect – and precisely how we approach your apprenticeship. Here, it's all about getting involved right from the start: Collaborate and contribute. And you'll have the best and kindest mentors alongside you. That's a promise!


From the School Desk to the Code Bank

It works at TechDivision — according to our apprentices. We can tell you a lot, but our apprentices speak the truth.

  • Here, apprentices are treated as equal colleagues and also enjoy a number of “apprentice benefits”.

    Tuna, IT-specialist trainee for system integration

  • At TechDivision, I can learn so many new things and get insights into how the professionals work. The traineeship is very dynamic – it definitely isn't ever be boring.        

    Nico, Azubi zum Fachinformatiker für Anwendungsentwicklung

The Secret is Out

Everything you want to know about the apprenticeship program — but didn't dare to ask …

Where? Your training will take place at our headquarters in Kolbermoor, close to Rosenheim.

Precisely where? Our apprentices can work in the office, or regularly from home. We'll provide the appropriate hardware for this purpose.

Your professional school is the state professional school in Traunstein. We will pay your travel expenses to the professional school using public transportation or the Deutschlandticket.

How? Your professional mentors and our apprenticeship supervisors are there to help to advise you and are always available for you. We hold coordination meetings and feedback sessions to ensure that the workload and knowledge transfer suits you and, above all, that you feel that you are well looked after. 

What? At the same time, we place a great emphasis on your independence because you will be a valuable part of the team from the very beginning. You will therefore quickly be given your assignments and the responsibility that comes with them, adapted to your current level of knowledge. In return, we expect you to be proactive and work independently.

Why? We want to have fun together on and off the job. You can see that obviously on our careers page. And of course, we invite the whole team – including you! – to get involved and join in at lunch, after-work get-togethers or at our great team events.

What Else is Important to Us

Or: You will fit in perfectly with us if …

  • You have a passion for technical systems and applications.
  • You are enthusiastic about coding and perhaps already have some experience.
  • You would like to help organize your apprenticeship.
  • You enjoy working independently.
  • You are interested in the digital trends of the future.
  • You are keen to work with kind, good-humored, and smart people.

Our Goodies for You

After all, we love to spoil our apprentices …

The TechDivision team should feel comfortable and you should enjoy working here. That's why we have lots of great employee benefits in store for you. Here is an overview of them all. In addition to bike leasing and EGYM Wellpass, we also cover the travel expenses to the professional school by public transport for our apprentices. Please understand that we do not subsidize travel expenses by car for sustainability reasons. We also have regular team events — for apprentices only!

How cool are they? Take a look at the following:

Would You Like to Work with Us?

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Step 1: Sending us your documents

Step 2: Confirmation of your application

Step 3: The first meeting

Step 4: Internship

Step 5: Start of your apprenticeship

Send us your application. It's easy online.  You can upload your documents easily on our portal:

  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Certificates (if available)
  • What else we should know about you? 

Our friendly recruiting team will get in touch with you quickly. Then we'll have a relaxed chat, in person or via video call.

During the interview, you will meet a colleague from the People & Culture team, and you can also get to know one of our mentors.

Next, you can ask us questions. Take your time to browse through our website and ask us anything you want to know about TechDivision, the apprenticeship, and the team. We are ready!

Afterward, we'll ask you a few questions — for example:

  • How did you come across this apprenticeship?
  • What tasks appeal to you in our apprenticeship?
  • Why do you have a passion for IT?
  • What would you like to achieve during your apprenticeship here?

It would be fantastic if we noticed during our interview that you are passionate about IT and the digital world, and that you are eager to join TechDivision. And, naturally, if you like us!

If our meeting went well, we will invite you to join us for an internship. You will spend a week at TechDivision and take a closer look at your future tasks and colleagues.

This allows us to assess whether we fit both professionally and personally, and whether we can welcome you as a new team member. This includes familiarizing you with your new team and vice versa. With our “hire-by-the-team” approach, the team and new colleagues have the opportunity to meet before they start to see if the chemistry is right. 

Once the internship has gone well for you and for us, it's time to get started. Nothing else will stand in the way of your brilliant start with us. 

We'll bend over backwards for you!

Our People & Culture team goes the extra mile for our colleagues and applicants

This means fast and direct communication, as well as careful examination of your documents. You can definitely expect a response from us. We're eagerly awaiting your application!

Christina, Teresa, Steffi, and Sabine

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