Avery Zweckform GmbH

Analysis of the digital status quo and optimization of the digital business concept, the types of offers, and the digital touchpoints

Project Goal

Avery Zweckform turned to TechDivision to help adapt and evolve their existing business model to meet the demands of the digital future.

Status Quo:

  • Very well established brand, market leader in many business areas
  • Some traditional sales structures still in place
  • Several new business models have been added, including those on the website
  • Multiple business models, offers, and applications within one website or domain 
  • Usability needs improvement; the target group approach is unclear; navigation is difficult to understand; conversion is clearly suboptimal

New Solutions:

  • An analysis of the current situation and a visual representation of the existing state of affairs
  • Identifying the needs and customer journeys of the various target groups
  • Clarification of the customer journey, approach, touchpoints and navigation paths to ensure that all clearly remain attached to one strong brand while meeting different business needs
  • Reorganizing the business concepts, offers, and website
  • Reorientation of the company toward more secure forms of offering, products, and customer segments
  • Implementation of a significant reduction in the complexity of navigation, product presentation, and target group approach, which also facilitates online marketing and sales by utilizing various sales channels

Our solutions

How we supported Avery Zweckform



Revision and optimization of the website

Zweckform was founded in 1946 near Munich in Oberlaindern. Twenty forms and carbon-free copybooks were introduced in the initial year. In 1954, Zweckform invented the receipt pad, a product that is more closely associated with the economic history of the Federal Republic of Germany than almost any other. The legendary receipt pad 300 is the mother of all receipts and has been sold — constantly updated — more than fifty million times to date.

In 1935, Stan Avery developed the world's first self-adhesive labels in New York. In October 1958, Zweckform signed a license agreement with him and began to produce and sell self-adhesive labels and photo labels in Bavaria. Together with the form books, the labels became the manufacturer's second successful product line, and they've grown into the firm's largest division to date.

Since mid-2013, Avery Zweckform has been a member of the Canadian CCL Group, establishing itself as the market leader for PC consumables in Europe. Its mission is to promote organization in the workplace and at home. In Germany, the company provides more than 2,000 products for both professional and individual use in the office and at home and is recognized as the market leader for labels, coated papers, and form books.