Product experience management at Reich Online Solutions is next-level

120,000 Articles

Five channels, overseen by three different companies

Approx. 140 attributes

Project Goal

Duration: 02/2021-11/2021; Ongoing further development

The purpose of this project was to improve product data maintenance at Reich Online Services by introducing a powerful, scalable, and multi-client-capable PIM.

One challenge was to ensure that users from different divisions and countries had the most resilient data structure possible, with a high degree of individualization, to automate and standardize processes. Understanding the procedures and methods used within the organization was just one part of the equation.

Analyzing the existing product information in the store system was the initial step.

  • >100,000 products for 3 different stores
  • ERP project simultaneously completed
  • Pressing need for harmonization and the identification of synergies
  • A three-stage data model with two different axes: color and size
  • Program-supported comprehensive data cleansing and enrichment
  • The reduced maintenance effort is attributable to the 3-stage model and an intelligent image workflow
  • Data standards for three integrated divisions are being introduced
  • The introduction of a new color and size concept

Our Solutions

How we supported the Calida Group

A single source of truth for all product data in the connected brand stores was implemented by Akeneo in the cloud variant "Serenity"

Homogenization and optimization of product data using calculation models

The creation of an optimal product database for an ERP project

Iterative introduction of product families for efficient product data maintenance and the best possible product presentation 

Implementation of data standards for the different websites and brands of Reich Online Solutions GmbH

Comprehensive project management incorporating regular reviews for the various brands

I can't remember a project that went so smoothly from the beginning to the end. The analysis, homogenization, and optimization of our existing product data particularly have had a significant positive impact on our business; thus, the effort expended was undoubtedly worthwhile. Even in stressful project situations, the pleasant and highly professional cooperation with TechDivision deserves special mention. We express our sincere gratitude for your dedication and cooperation thus far.

Stephan Häuslschmid, Reich Online Services

For more than 75 years, CALIDA underwear has been associated with Swiss quality and sustainability.

The CALIDA GROUP is a prominent underwear company with a global presence, headquartered in Switzerland. The underwear and lingerie segment is represented by the brands CALIDA, AUBADE, ERLICH TEXTIL, and COSABELLA, as well as the outdoor furniture brand LAFUMA MOBILIER. 

In addition to the B2C and B2B stores of CALIDA, Reich Online Solutions GmbH manages the digital commerce offerings for AUBADE, ERLICH TEXTIL, COSABELLA, and the multi-brand online store for high-quality branded underwear, ONMYSKIN. It also manages the E-Commerce platform of LAFUMA MOBILIER, a cult French outdoor furniture brand.