Relaunch for optimal usability of the primary marketing platform for all editors and country representatives

Project Goal

Duration: 06/2019-12/2019 (initial implementation); Ongoing further development

The objective of the project was to migrate the existing corporate website from Sitecore to Neos, in order to provide editors in Germany and other country representatives with a user-friendly interface for their primary marketing platform and to utilize a license-free open-source solution. Furthermore, it was imperative to guarantee the utmost flexibility and future-proofing of the new platform, which was intended for "digital customer consulting and lead generation."

The new website will support customers in their decision making process. It will also help builders, architects, building material sellers, and property developers find technical information about CREATON products.

This project used Crossbase PIM to provide all product data and the Evalanche marketing automation solution to order samples.

Our Solutions

How we supported CREATON

Comprehensive project- & incident management

Technology consulting

UX design

NEOS implementation

SEO support

Interfaces (ERP & PIM)

The relaunch presented major challenges. We were given a fixed deadline at the end of the year to implement the project. Furthermore, many requests from different countries had to be combined and put into the system. The combination of the necessary flexibility, despite standardization, for further automation on our website was an outstanding success, thanks to the good ideas and great implementation by TechDivision. We appreciate TechDivision's easy cooperation, constructive advice, and reliable execution. We are grateful for this partner.

Daniela Lesiak, Project Management, CREATON GmbH

Clay and concrete roof tiles are the specialty of CREATON. With a vast array of shapes, colors, and materials, CREATON has established itself as an industry leader in this field. The company's approximately 800 employees are dedicated to providing individual roof solutions. CREATON has seven production sites located in Germany. Additionally, CREATON Polska operates production sites in Widziszewo and Chojnice, and CREATON SEE in Lenti, Hungary.

The market for building materials is rapidly changing. Today, high-performing partners with a comprehensive portfolio and high level of consulting expertise are required. CREATON has been aware of this change and has made important decisions for the future in recent decades.

With the expansion of the product range from clay roof tiles to concrete roof tiles and extensive roof system components, CREATON has undertaken an additional decisive reorientation. As a result, CREATON has established itself as an expert in pitched roof solutions.