Digital Business Consulting 

Mit uns alles aus der Digitalisierung herausholen, um ihr Business effizienter, resilienter und innovativer zu machen.

What Matters to Us in Digital Business Consulting

Looking for something beyond just numbers? We are aware that this is only the beginning of the journey. We don't promise miracles because we don't need to – we have a solid, data-based approach. Likewise, we're not your typical agency. Our goal is to strengthen your company, by both using external tactics and helping you to develop and optimize your internal processes. Our consulting team aims to transform your business holistically and prepare it for future challenges.

Our Digital Business Consulting Solutions


Structures that serve their visions

Creating structures that allow for flexibility

How should you build the digital company of the future based on its strengths? This is the main management question.

Digital-Business Design

Optimizing digital transformation

How to use the leverage effect to succeed

We work with you to create a business model that helps you reach your full potential.


The key is how it's done

We stay with you

We provide guidance and support until your goals are truly achieved.

Retail Strategy

Develop and connect existing sales structures

Retail Strategy

We can help you optimize your dealer relationships and develop a clear strategy to strengthen your competitiveness. After an analysis, our team will help you achieve your sales targets in the market, even in a highly competitive environment.

Pricing Strategy

Boosting markets and profits through smart pricing

Pricing Strategy

We support you in exploiting opportunities to influence pricing. We analyze the price-volume elasticity in your target market(s) and examine the price willingness, price sensitivity, and price knowledge of your clients.


The omnichannel approach, but which channel is best suited for which offer?


We assist you in formulating a sales channel plan that combines and enhances the strengths of various relevant channels. Instead of everything happening at once and everywhere, omnichannel is perfectly orchestrated with a cannibalization effect. 

Global Success

We have helped leading companies in up to 50 markets per year with all their necessary data and process improvements. 

Let's talk about how internationalization can make your company stronger, more independent, and more efficient.


Expand your business with us!

Setting Priorities and Achieving More Success

Data sets priorities 

Have you squandered budgets on agencies in the past? Have the results so far not exceeded your expectations? Our approach is straightforward: we start with the data. This provides inevitably honest answers to the question "Which 20% delivers 80% of the results?"

Your KPIs are our benchmark

We offer clear answers on how your KPIs need to develop so that you can grow. Using real-life examples, we'll show you how to pick the right steps, and we'll handle the rest.

Challenge us! 

We might have already solved similar problems.

The Business Model Canvas by TechDivision

We have added two dimensions to the classic business model canvas: A layer that looks at the opportunities and risks of technological innovations like AI, IoT, and biotechnology, and another layer that looks at the opportunities and risks of sustainability.

The TechDivision Business Model Canvas can be downloaded here, along with instructions for how to work with it.


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