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From CMS to DXP: The Evolution of Digital Platforms

Definition of CMS

A content management system allows you to efficiently manage, create, and publish content. It is the backbone of every website and makes it easier for users to update and maintain web content.

Definition of DXP

A digital experience platform (DXP) goes beyond just a content management system and offers extended possibilities for a personalized user experience. DXPs incorporate various technologies to create seamless, cohesive, and highly customized digital experiences across multiple channels.

Why CMS and DXP are Critical to Your Digital Growth


Our CMS-DXP integrates seamlessly into your existing IT landscape and supports various data sources and APIs. This flexibility enables an efficient and smooth integration that drives your company's digital transformation.


Our systems grow with you, from a small blog to a global web portal. They are designed to adapt dynamically to changing business requirements and traffic peaks, without losing performance quality.


With our CMS-DXP solutions, you can customize content for different target groups. This customized approach increases user engagement and improves conversion rates through a more targeted and relevant user experience.

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