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Project Goal

The aim of the project was to create a powerful and scalable digital commerce solution for B2B customers that simplifies the ordering process for both standard products and, in particular, made-to-order products, thereby reducing the error rate and relieving the burden on the customer service team.

To this end, an intelligent product configurator was developed that allows made-to-order products to be configured, checked, and ordered easily and reliably. The system accesses data from the ERP system (Oxaion) and automatically links it with product master data from the internal product data management system (Akeneo PIM). As a special feature, orders placed on other channels are also displayed in the B2B portal. Overall, various digital self-service offerings have greatly reduced the burden on the support team and focused on value-adding assistance.

  • Online presentation of the Juzo product range and facilitation of online orders, thereby relieving the burden on customer service
  • Automation of the ordering process and thus reduction of the error rate
  • In addition to standard products, custom-made products should be possible to order 
  • Demanding connection to the existing IT infrastructure (ERP), as the system has grown over time and is often specially adapted for the customer
  • Mapping of such large product families that the characteristics can no longer be fully mapped via configurables 
  • Interdependent custom options
  • Content that is not product-specific is retrieved dynamically from the ERP via API (e.g. customer advisor information)
  • Connection of Akeneo PIM for the product master data
  • Relief of support team through self-service features
  • Development and testing of the design for the B2B store
  • Online ordering of both standard products and individual, custom-made products
  • Standalone product configurator for custom-made products with connection to Adobe Commerce and the ERP
  • Extension of the Magento 2 REST API and file-based, highly customized import
  • Custom options
  • Dynamic options for mapping complex product variants
  • Expansion of the B2B store to include a new client for an additional segment

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In TechDivision, we have found the right partner for our digitalization measures, whose own quality standards in complex projects more than meet our high requirements as a medical device manufacturer. The necessary mix of a professional, agile approach and the right amount of pragmatism at the right time had a decisive influence on the success of the project. The partnership, the open way of communicating, the know-how, and the commitment shown by all team members, not only in the hot final phase, were decisive for the success of the project. We look forward to continuing our close cooperation and to the upcoming projects in the future.

Christian Marquardt, Project Management at Juzo

Juzo, based in Aichach, Germany, develops and distributes products for the fields of lymphology, phlebology, scar therapy, and orthopedics with subsidiaries in the USA, the UK, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Canada. This enables the company to respond to the country-specific needs of the various markets and offer consistently high quality around the world. At the same time, Juzo has remained a family business in its fourth generation, employing well over 1,000 people. Working internationally without losing its roots at home – that is one of the company's recipes for success.