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TechDivision's Translation Generator extension for Magento allows you to manually translate websites or stores quickly and easily. You can translate all Magento-specific labels in the backend and frontend into the desired languages. No more deployment of the Magento application is necessary. Translation texts can be easily uploaded via CSV. After uploading, they are immediately available on the websites. Furthermore, you can export texts and labels as CSV files for subsequent translation and maintenance.

This translation extension is compatible with Magento Community & Commerce 2.3.x and 2.4.x.


With the translation generator the export of texts is possible. All texts of a store are generated as language-bound CSV files and offered for download. This file can then be sent to a translation service provider to translate the labels. Optionally, the export is possible with a reference language to facilitate manual translation.



Using the translation generator, it is also possible to import language files that have already been translated. A file upload is possible for each store view and is checked to ensure the correct language. The uploaded translations for the shop frontend are available immediately after the import. Already uploaded translation files can be archived and also downloaded again as backup copy..


 DescriptionTranslation GeneratorMagento Standard
Translation Export   
 Providing export data as CSV fileYesYes
 Download of provided export dataYesYes
 Additional export type „Translations"YesNo
 Extended export functionalities for "Translations"YesNo
 Full- and Delta-ExportYesNo
 Possibility to create logs while providing the export data (Translations)YesNo
 Automatized download of the export data after deploymentYesNo
Translation Import   
 Uploading of CSV import filesYesYes
 Validation of CSV import filesYesYes
 Deployment of example import fileYesYes
 Additional import type "Translations"YesNo
 Extended import setting for "Translations"YesNo
 Full- and Delta-ImportYesNo
 Storage and utilization of imported translation filesYesNo
 Archiving of imported translation filesYesNo
 Invalidation of the cache (translation import)YesNo
 Parallel generation and processing of JS translations (frontend) after translation importYesNo
 Download of imported CSV files (translation import)YesNo

In contrast to the Magento standard, the Translation Generator offers additional benefits that make it easier for you to handle translations.

  • Quick deployment of texts for a translation agency via full export functionalities
  • Fast and efficient determination of missing translations of a language via delta export
  • Modification or improvement of texts of a store view without new provision of source code of the Magento application
  • Quick customization of one or less labels of a store view using delta translation import functionality
  • Complete adaptation of all texts and labels of a store view via the full import option


There are isolated translation sections that are not supported for export and import. This includes CMS content, backend configuration labels, backend configuration values and product data. In addition, the Translation Generator does not currently support automated deployment for translation agencies or translation via translation services (deepl, google, ...).


Since the translation files are placed in the "var" directory of the Magento instance during import, it should be transferred to the project directory at regular intervals. Through the backend it is possible to download already imported language files.

The Translation Generator module will of course be continuously developed and improved. In order for you to know exactly what happens next, the following are a few key features of the next steps:


  • Improvement of the export speed
  • Relocation of the working logic. Use of database tables instead of file system
  • Compatibility and further development based on the next Magento versions
  • Connection to translation services (e.g. Google)

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